Herve is Back in Bridal

With Paris being regarded as the world fashion capital, it’s not a huge big surprise that a well-known name in bridal has just risen again like a phoenix from the ashes: Herve Paris is introducing bohemian-rock bridal design for the 2019 bridal season.

To match the unmatchable – that is the secret of glamourous bridal designs combined with bohemian-rock fashion. Brought to life for the modern bride, this totally new bridal collection from French bridal house Herve Paris scores with soft and elegant dresses, creating the feminine look of today’s time.

Whether it is a short or long dress, a sexy gown with transparent fabrics or a sophisticated lace dress, it will look stunning on every bride, celebrating the boho-way of life. All 25 styles of this stunning bridal collection from French house Herve Paris are a showstopper itself, cool boho-outfits, very loose with lace and beautiful fabrics.
Combined with a fancy leather jacket or jeans jacket, classic boots or a massive necklace, each bride will be able to create her personal style: a perfect match.

Capturing the Parisienne atmosphere within these bridal designs, you can feel the spirit of Montmartre with its beautiful architecture, the artistic approach of the Marais and all the romance every couple feels at the Eiffel Tower. Mireille Bleines, designer of this gorgeous collection and former stylist of the well-known Herve Mariage brand, has now created this fashion-forward collection under the label of Herve Paris.

“Being creative again and having the chance to come up with something fresh and new is like being born again for the second time,” says Mireille Bleines. “Each of these bridal gowns carries my heart, my full passion and have this specific Parisienne touch. Already standing out because of femininity and tenderness in design, these very bohemian-rock and quite Frenchy dresses are also very comfortable and easy to wear for all brides.”

Since bohemian design is free spirited fashion so is rocker design, both breaking from the fashion standards but maintaining some classic timeless elements in bridal design.
Alexis Bleines, director of Herve Paris and the son of Mireille Bleines, states: “The Herve Paris collection, which is being produced in Europe, presents on a high-end fashion level exactly this specific mixture of styles together in one sweet harmony of fashion correctness at an affordable price point. And above all that, please allow me this personal comment, for me it’s simply amazing to see such a beautiful collection, created by my mother, truly capturing the spirit of Paris, presenting on-trend bridal designs for modern brides all around the world.”

Herve Paris: You can never go wrong with Paris.